The Woodlands Photographer

At White Frames Photography, your special day is our special day. Whether you’re looking for wedding photography, portrait photography, or any other type of event photography, choosing the right photography company is the best way to make those memories last forever.

White Frames Photography is committed to doing it right, not just quickly. That is why none of our wedding photography packages have a time limit. From the first mimosa until the last guest has left the dance floor, our photographers are there to photograph as long as you see fit.

Each wedding photography package also includes an engagement session. We know how important getting to know your photographer is before the wedding. Spending even a few hours with your photographer prior to your big day can put you at ease. The less stress on your big day, the better the experience and the better the photography.

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Organic Photography & Photographer

While many have called our type of shooting photojournalistic photography, White Frames Photography is among the first photography companies to adopt the term ‘organic photography’. Like photojournalistic photography, organic photography uses natural light wherever possible to create a natural feel to the photograph. We also limit the amount of posing or ‘narrative creating’ atmosphere. We know that as a family, you already have established dynamics. Why not be receptive, observant photographers and document that interaction rather than create an un-natural, rigid pose?

Warmth and an inclination towards creating beautiful photography is what separate us from photojournalistic photography. White Frames Photography creates an end product that is more illustrative than photojournalistic photography. In essence, we are not confined by the rawness of photojournalistic photography, so we can create a mood to our photography that is both organic and illustrative in mood. Organic photography seeks to portray a warmth that photojournalistic photography could never achieve.