Houston Wedding Photographer

White Frames Photography is a full service lifestyle photography company specializing in high end, natural, organic weddings and portrait sessions.  This  means more to me than just understanding the camera:

I balance, I dodge, I weave, I lay on the ground, climb trees, jump fences and run from cows.  I tell cheesy jokes and do my best to ensure you are happy and have everything you need.  Most of all, however, I tell beautiful stories: your beautiful stories; vibrant and bursting with enthusiasm and color for everyone to see.  I often hear that photographs can just not record how something felt in that beautiful, fleeting moment, but I challenge you to tell our clients that.

In the spirit of being a sappy wedding photographer, here are my vows to you:

I promise that you won’t become another victim of Pinterest and that your story will be told on your terms.  I also know that you probably haven’t done this before so I promise to make your sessions light-hearted, fun and show your best side.  I promise to do everything I can to make your vision a reality, but also to be honest with what is possible and not possible.  Most of all.  I promise to be genuine as a person and give you 100%.  You have found our website and that makes me happy.  I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story.

“We used White Frame Photography for our engagement photos as well as our wedding day photos. I know I made the BEST decision by using them! A couple things you expect, came naturally…..professionalism and that personal touch. Clint made everyone feel comfortable and got to know our likes and dislikes. You know it’s a GREAT experience when you can walk away from your wedding knowing all of the special memories have been caught on film and made a friend in the process.”
– Happy Couple